Well…just so you know, we get a little bored from time-to-time at Tipton’s.  We go out and buy things that don’t necessarily to do with towing equipment, except that it usually needs be towed to the shop.

With that said, I would like to introduce you to a recent purchase:  Project “Broke-Back Bronco”.  Since I’m writing this up, I get to name the projects.  It’s a 1971 Ford Bronco that has seen better days.  The truck had been sitting in a lot waiting for its savior for many years.  This thing has a ton of rust and the interior is completely gone.  Basically, a blank canvas…just a very rusty canvas.

Once this project complete, we hope to let you know what we spent over the course of the build and what we ultimately end doing with this project.  The initial plan: 1) is to have the body and frame sandblasted, 2) have the rusty panels cut out and new metal fabricated in, 3) modify the rear wheel-wells (they’re not appealing), 4) refresh the engine, 5) convert the engine to fuel-injection.  That is a brief summary of the plans and we will do our best to keep you in the loop of the progress.

We’re trying to source the labor and parts local, but with anything, we sometimes must hit the interwebs to help us meet our needs.  Just like anything else, we appreciate feedback.  If you have any suggestions to make project “Broke-Back” any better, leave us a comment out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or as always, here at www.tiptonsap.com.  Who knows, we might even listen.

Project Broke-back