Tow Truck Rental Service

Tow Truck Rental Service

Current Rental Trucks:

  • 2012 F550 Single Line Wrecker
  • 2017 F650 Rollback

Truck Rentals

  • Unlimited miles
  • 10% Seven (7) day rental discount
  • 15% Thirty (30) day rental discount

Currently we only rent trucks through insurance cases.  Have your insurance company contact us and we will work directly with them to get you back on the road.

  • Insurance Coverage

    Review the insurance coverage requirements in the table below. No other coverage levels will be accepted.

  • Insurance Information On File

    Your insurance information must be on file and verified before a rental truck can be picked up.

  • Damages

    Trucks damaged while under a rental contract will continue to incur daily rental charges until the truck is repaired and returned to service.

Insurance Requirements Coverage Amounts
Combined Single Limit
Maximum Deductible Comprehensive
Maximum Deductible Collision
Minimum Public Liability
Any One Accident
On-Hook Liability