RakJak™ 2-Ton 2-Bag Air Jack


RakJak™ 2 Ton 2 Bag Air Jack

Available in the portable model or a long handle model.

They are the preferred product on frame racks, alignment machines and in all types of repair shops.

Every RakJak is super-fast and virtually maintenance free.

RakJak is one of the most useful tools in the body shop. It’s compact, powerful and very fast to use. RakJak is simply the easiest and fastest way to install pinch weld clamps on the frame machine.

They can be a great substitute for a cumbersome jack for roadside service.

Tire changing and service work is easier than ever with the RakJak extended handle models.

RakJak rolls easily to the vehicle to be lifted. Just connect an airline and the feather control valve provides smooth, rapid lifting.

The handle can be adjusted in two upright positions for storage and transport. With the handle fully lowered, you can effortlessly position the RakJak under the car.

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When selecting the appropriate model RakJak for your use, consider these suggestions: The most popular Model is the DBT2. Its 5 ¾ inch collapsed height will fit under most cars and the 8 inch stroke will provide a 13 ¾ inch total lifting height that will lift most wheels off the ground. The lifting power of DBT2 and DBT2L is two tons. And for all around shop use, the DBT2 is more than adequate. However, if you are working on a lot of SUVs, the TBT2 is prob¬ably more suitable. The advantage of the TBT2 is the overall lifting height of 18 inches. The collapsed height of the TBT2 is higher than the DBT2 at 6 7/8 of an inch. Therefore, it may not be suitable for a shop that works primarily on small cars where the jack points are much lower. Choose the RakJak that fits your needs and enjoy years of trouble free use.

Model DBT2 features:

  • 2-ton capacity
  • 5.75″ relaxed height
  • 13.75″ full extension
  • 105 PSI air pressure
  • weighs 34lbs

RakJak is covered by a limited warranty for two years from the date of purchase covering factory defects in materials and workmanship from Zendex Tool Corporation.


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